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Happy Spring Break!

Milo takes a break between class visits.  He slept on Mrs. Reagan's desk!
Milo takes a break between class visits. He slept on Mrs. Reagan’s desk!

We have had a great four-day week — two of the days with sunshine and 50˚ temperatures!  Milo visited on Wednesday (treating the second graders to popsicles for their great effort with the online testing pilot) and third graders showcased their biography projects.

Throughout the week, their were talent show practices and preparations…and it paid off because the two shows were FANTASTIC!  Videos of the shows will be featured on our blog as I finish all the necessary downloading, editing and uploading.

I wish everyone safe and happy times during your spring vacation (April 4-13).   Here’s to warmer temperatures when we return to school!

Mrs. Reagan

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Spring Break Plans

We had 80 families respond to our survey, “What are your spring break plans?”   As you can see below, from this survey most are staying home.  Of those traveling, airplanes are preferred and the most popular destination is SOUTH…where the sun is shining more than it is Michigan!

Some other hot spots to visit:   Chicago, The Corvette Factory, Tennessee,  Kalahari and the Grandma’s house in Ohio, Kentucky, Midland, Soaring Eagle Water Park,  and Traverse City.

Wherever you are during the first week in April, I hope it is fantastic!

Are you going away fro spring break?


How will you travel?


Where you go for spring break?
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Week 28: Four Day Count Down to Spring Break

Spring Break fever can be felt throughout the building!  Many of our students are counting down — looking forward to special family vacation plans or just anxious for a chance to step away from school routines.  Are you going away for spring break or staying home?  Let us now by answering this JUST FOR FUN Spring Break survey.

Be prepared for some locker items to appear in your home later this week.  All students will be “spring cleaning” their lockers and checking lost and found for lost items on Wednesday.

We wrap the week up with our very special GOT TALENT?  Show.  The line up for morning and afternoon performances can be found at the bottom of this post.



Our annual talent show, GOT TALENT?, will be held on Thursday @ 9:15am and 1:15pm in the MPR.  If you would like to attend to see your child’s performance, the line up can be viewed here and below!


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Colton Visits Kentucky

Colton had a great time on spring break. He went on trip to Kentucky with Harley and his Grandparents. They took a trailer and enjoyed fishing and camp fires when not sightseeing. The highlight of the trip for Colton was visiting the Louisville Slugger Factory where he they got to see how baseball bats are made and even got to see one of Babe Ruth’s bats. They also visited the Kentucky Horse Park and Shaker Village. They got to learn about how the Shakers lived and made their furniture.

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Mrs. Brouwer’s Spring Vacation

I’ve been enjoying my spring break doing my favorite things around the farm – reading, making art, and visiting the farm animals.  We stayed home this year because there are lots of farm babies due to arrive and we didn’t want to miss the excitement!  We have calves due any day, sweet little lambs due in a few weeks, new fuzzy chicks in the barn, and the most fun of all – Bess will be having a new filly or colt very soon!  See you all in a few days!  Mrs. Brouwer

Mrs. Brouwer's Farm Life
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Missad’s Visit Dayton

Hot Tub Time
The Missad’s didn’t travel far, but did head South to Dayton, Ohio.  We were visiting the kids Grandpa and “Linda” (my mom died in ’04 and Dad remarried a year ago).  They don’t call her Grandma, but she’s a wonderful role model for them to have in their lives.  It was our first visit there, and we all had a “blast”.  We went to the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, home of Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the Wright brothers.  The kids were really amazed at the planes…and bombs.  They also enjoyed LOTS of time in the hot tub, which we didn’t keep to hot (they used it more like a pool), colored Easter eggs and had an early Easter egg hunt.  We cooked out, enjoyed making smores, and even got a little sunburned 🙂
We are sharing some pictures from the museum, the second one is the kids in front of a replica of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and the plane that dropped it.
By the way, you really got them good with the April Fools joke.  We read it to them as we were putting them to bed, their reaction…priceless!  🙂


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Spring Break Highlights

It’s Wednesday, which means we are half way through our vacation.  This also means we have 50% of our vacation remaining to enjoy.

I would love to share some of your vacation adventures on our blog.  Please send me an email or a blog comment and I will dedicate a post to you.  If you’d like, include a photo.  If you don’t a have photo, draw a picture and take a photo of this.  I will post a drawing of your vacation to the blog.


My vacation was called, STAY HOME.  Some people call this a “stay-cation.”  For me it was just right for resting, reading, working in yard, walking on the beach….and (drum roll) getting a PUPPY!  His name is Milo, a mix of King Charles Spaniel, Bichon and Poodle–a non-shedding dog.  Milo is just 8 weeks old, weighing in at 5 pounds.

My four year old cavachon, Cooper, is adjusting to this new family member. Every once in awhile, I catch him looking toward me with an annoying glance.  Milo loves Cooper.  He has learned to wait until Cooper is sleeping before he cuddles up by his side!

Nap time for Cooper and Milo

I am sure that you will meet Milo one of these days.  Mrs. R and I are going to train him to be a therapy dog.  This will take some time –but it will be worth it.  We hope Milo thinks so too!

Looking forward to hearing about your vacation!

Mrs. Reagan



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Spring Break Plans?

Earlier this week, I invited blog readers to complete a survey entitled, “What are your plans for spring break?”

The respondents to the survey shared the following:

Some of the other destinations include:  Wisconsin Dells, Detroit area, Saginaw, Mississippi, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Arizona and the Eastern Caribbean.

And for those of us staying home, our biggest hope for plans include hanging out with friends and playing outside.

No matter where you are for spring break, I wish you the best of times!

Mrs. Reagan