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Winning Readers at Georgetown!

Today we are celebrating all of the readers in grades 2-5 who participated in Reading Counts through quizzes, book blogs and RAZZ kids this year.  Each time readers made their reading goal, their names were entered into a drawing for a Target Gift Card and ONE IPAD MINI.  So here are the winning readers………

  • Mrs. Greenlund—–Caleb VanderLugt

  • Mrs. Kuieck—–Kamryn Brewer

  • Mrs. Quigley—–Milena Sremba

  • Mrs. Ray—–Jae Vanderbeek

  • Mrs. Flory—–Jayda Kerns

  • Mrs. McDonald—–Talia Delinck

  • Ms. VanArkel—–Kaycie Lawrence

  • Ms. VanderStel—–Nicholas Weiss

  • Mr. Bowen—–Harrison Jones

  • Mrs. Huizenga—–Ava Ham

  • Mr. Kooiker—–Ryan Gharajanloo

  • Mrs. Walenta—–Aidan Dandurand

  • Mr. Bialochowski—–August VanDam

  • Mrs. Burdis—–Hannah Applebee

  • Mr. Gort—–Greydan Overweg


WINNER OF THE IPAD MINI:  Elizabeth White in Mrs. Kuieck’s class.



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She Loves the Color Pink

Do you know who this is?  Do you need more clues?  Read on…

  • Not only does this mystery teacher love the color pink, she also loves the sound of cheering at athletic events.  Many of you have seen her at athletic events over the years….cheering louder than the rest of the crowd!
  • As a little girl, she loved pizza.
  • If she could learn to do something new, she would learn how to play the guitar.
  • And, if she would ever write an autobiography about herself, it would be title, FAMILY COMES FIRST.
Who is this mystery teacher?  Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian.
Visit all of our school blogs to learn about staff members.  You will be given clues to each person.  See if these clues help you to identify each staff member.   You can visit these blogs by clicking on classrooms to the left.
If you don’t see the post on the main page, type the words “mystery teacher” into the search tab.
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And the I-POD shuffle winners are…

Ipod Shuffle Winners

Mrs. Kuieck-Greyden Overweg,  Mrs. McDonald-Hannah Applebee, Mrs. Quigley-Jackson Kok,  Mr. Bialochowski-Ellie Cook,  Mrs. Flory-Griffin Stoub,  Mrs. Greenlund-Ashley Holland,  Miss. VanArkel-Quinn Baar, Mr. Bowen-Skylar Brouwer, Mrs. Huizenga-Arianna Hoeks, Mr. Kooiker-Malerie Bell, Mrs. Bouwens-Ian Bousson, Mrs. Burdis-Jared Mills, Miss. Burmeister-Peyton Ward.

And the grand prize winner of the IPOD Touch is….JILLIAN HARRIS!

Ipod touch

Many thanks to Mrs. VandenBerg for motivating readers and tracking words read AND to our Parent Club for purchasing the I-POD Shuffles and I-POD Touch.  This was a wonderful incentive for our readers this past school year and we appreciate ALL you do to help us to fuel the love of reading.

Parents:  If your child is a winner of one of these i-pod items, you must come to the school office to pick it up.  We do not want these going home in backpacks.

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Georgetown’s Millionaires Club

In October of this year, Mrs. VandenBerg (our librarian) launched the Georgetown Millionaires Club.  As a result of Mrs. VandenBerg’s counting skills, we can officially announce that we have 12…TWELVE….XII….MILLIONAIRES at our school!

We announced the millionaires at the opening of our JUST WRITE PERFORMANCES on Friday, May 28.  All but one was surprised that they had read over one million words each this school year.  The one student not surprised was Matthew Lawrence who was the first student in our building to reach this mammoth goal.

Each millionaire received a certificate and a MILLION WORDS T-SHIRT.  In addition, these students will be honored with their names on a plaque that will grow more and more names over time.Million Words Front

Congratulations to: Linnae, Nathan, Bryce, Aliya, Alison, Austin, Jon, Ryan, Matthew, Marisa, Cielle, Ryan.

Millionaires 12