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October Has Arrived!

October signals autumn’s arrival–time for apple picking, pumpkin carving and all things spooky.

Did you know that October is also the month to recognize animal safety & protection, baking & decorating, caramel, chili, chiropractic, crime prevention, dental hygiene, Down syndrome, ergonomics, field trips, kitchens & baths, medical librarians, orthodontic health, physical therapy, reading groups, roller skating, RSV awareness, sarcasm awareness, seafood, spina bifida awareness, world blindness awareness, emotional intelligence, Polish American heritage, positive attitudes, workplace politics and raptors (yes, raptors).

My personal favorites for October:   It is National Squirrel Awareness Month and October 12 is International Moment of Frustration Scream Day.    And, you thought October was all about Halloween!

The weather forecast for this coming week will set us up for a perfect start to the month. A snapshot of our school events is below.  Remember, Jet’s Pizza Night is on Tuesday and Friday is our first PTC sponsored Popcorn Day.  Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Reagan

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It’s time for our first Scavenger Hunt!

From Millan.Net

I have hidden dancing candy corn images on ten of our school blogs.
Your job is to find at least five of them by October 29.

Here is how you do it:

  • Search all the Georgetown blogs linked to                                                                      this site (look on the sidebar).
  • Clue: Type the words candy corn into the search area.
  • Keep a list of the teacher blogs that have candy corn.
  • When you have found all the items, submit your                                                              answers on the SCAVENGER HUNT ENTRY FORM.
  • Everyone who enters by October  29 at 9 am                                                                          will be included in the school wide drawing.                                                                      Drawing on October 29th at 2 pm.
  • ONE Student winner receives lunch with Mrs. Reagan                                                              and a Barnes & Noble Gift Card.
  • ONE Winning class will receive an extra                                                                                  recess supervised by Mrs. Reagan.
  • Five winners will receive a bag of candy corn each.


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Our Week Ahead: October 11-15

Farmers MarketI hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend weather…either by being outside or sitting very close to an open window.  My own children, both in high school, had their homecoming weekend which meant great weather for a Friday football gameHomecoming Bookends(me, cheering on the Eagles and they cheering on the Panthers), Saturday’s farmer’s market plus homecoming dance photos

Beeach Walk

and a Sunday family walk on the beach.  I had to remind myself all weekend long that it was October NOT June!

We have the luxury of enjoying a few more days like this during the front end of our week.  By Thursday, it may feel more like October again.

This week, we begin MEAP testing and this continues through October 20.  Please make sure your children in grades 3-5 are present everyday so that they can take their tests as scheduled.   We are allowed make up testing dates for children who are ill and we will make sure that all children complete their tests before the mandatory return date.

If you would like to know more about the MEAP tests, visit the MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SITE. These test results are a significant part of our school grade which is published in the paper and used for comparison and ranking against other schools state wide.  It goes without saying that your child’s performance on these tests are critical.  We hope that one day, the state will determine a way in which we can incorporate performance results for each child throughout the year rather than on 5-8 days alone in early fall.  I am always hopeful that this is in our future because our children and teachers work hard year long, year to year!

Here is a snapshot of the week ahead.  Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Mrs. Reagan

Blog 10-11

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Scavenger Hunt Pressure

It’s time for me to stir up a little scavenger hunt competition!  I have extended the deadline to Monday, October 26.  The original deadline was Friday, Oct 23–but students do not have school on that day.

So far, we have had over 40 students and three teachers enter the competition.  The class that has the MOST students (along with their teacher) enter wins ONE HOUR WITH THE PRINCIPAL. The current breakdown is as follows:Scav Hunt

  • Mrs. Estefan: 1
  • Mrs. Veldman: 1
  • Mrs. Stadt:  1
  • Mrs. Quigley: 1
  • Mrs.  Kuieck: 1
  • Ms. Burmeister: 1
  • Mrs. Flory:  1
  • Mrs. Weiss: 1
  • Mrs. Bohl: 2
  • Mrs. Woodring: 2
  • Mrs. Huizenga: 2
  • Ms. VanArkel:  2
  • Mrs. Greenlund 3
  • Mr. Gort 4
  • Mrs. Bouwens: 5
  • Mr. Bowen:  5
  • Mrs. Burdis: 6
  • McDonald: 7 (This class is in the lead…and they won in September, too!)

Every student who participates gets a ticket in the reading counts drawing.   All of the students who participate are entered into a drawing in which one winner receives a Barnes and Noble gift card and lunch OUT with the princpal.

So…while you are on your three day weekend from school…staying healthy…read up on teacher’s hobbies and enter the scavenger hunt!

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Teachers have HOBBIES, too!

A hobby is an activity that you do for enjoyment, and there are a wide variety of hobbies you can have living somewhere that has four seasons.   My winter hobbies are knitting and baking.  In the spring, I love to walk and collect stones on the beach.  The summer and fall are perfect times for one of my favorite hobbies, gardening.

HobbyThis summer, my hobby was very different:  FAMILY TIME. During the school year,  everyone in my family is very busy and sometimes we are rarely home together.  My goal this summer was to spend LOTS of time doing activities with my son, daughter and husband.  We swam in the pool, went to movies, took long walks, and sometimes just did nothing but talk.  It was one of my best summers in many years.

Visit the many Georgetown Blogs to learn about the hobbies of teachers in grades PK-5!  If you have an interesting or unusual hobby that you would like to share, send me a comment and I will share it on our blog.


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October is a fine time for a..SCAVENGER HUNT!

It’s Time For our 2nd:pumpkin


Our 2nd hunt of the year is designed to help you learn more about the teachers at our school.

The theme of this hunt is:  HOBBIES.  Each staff member created a blog post one of their hobbies.

Your job is to hunt through all the blogs and find ONE of each:

  1. A prek or kindergarten teacher’s hobby.
  2. A 1st  grade teacher’s hobby.
  3. A 2nd grade teacher’s hobby.
  4. A 3rd grade teacher’s hobby.
  5. A 4th grade teacher’s hobby.
  6. A 5th grade teacher’s hobby.
  7. A special teacher’s hobby.(art, music, pe, reading, speech, ecse, or principal)

For those of you who have never participated, the rules are simple:

  • Search all the Georgetown blogs linked to this site.
  • Keep a list of blogs where you found your items.
  • When you have found all the items, submit your answers on the SCAVENGER HUNT ENTRY FORM.
  • Everyone who enters by October 22  will be included in the school wide drawing.  Drawing on October 26 at 1:30 pm.
  • ONE Student winner receives lunch with Mrs. Reagan and a Barnes & Noble Gift Card.  ONE Winning class (the class that has the most students participate-INCLUDING THE CLASSROOM TEACHER– receive Mrs. Reagan as their teacher for ONE hour!
  • All those who enter will be added to the Reading Counts Drawing (held in December).