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Milo Does Summer School

Milo and I work on training together.

While you are busy playing in the sunshine and splashing in the pool, Milo is taking classes to learn how to be a better puppy.

Each week, I take Milo to the Holland Petco to work with our trainer, James.  Milo and I have learned how to do the following together:  Sit, Shake, Down, Rollover, Come, Leave It,  and Walk on a Loose Leash.  He is doing well with all of these commands.  My personal favorite is LEAVE IT…which I use with the trash can, shoes, books (yes, he will chew on books) and other no-no objects in the house.  Click here to learn some of the hand signals and commands I use with Milo.

Milo goes to school with Murdock, a very happy black lab.   Milo has learned to not stand in the way of Murdock’s wagging tail–and so have I!

If you have learned anything new this summer, send a photo our way with a description of what you have learned and Milo and I will post this on the blog.

Here are some photos of our training sessions.

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Milo & the 2012 Heat Wave

I hope you have survived the 2012 Heat Wave!  Mrs. Brouwer’s thermometer read 105 degrees in Hudsonville and in Holland, mine read 104 degrees.  

Milo dealt with the heat wave in three ways:

  1. Sleeping over the top of the air conditioning vent.
  2. Swimming in the pool with visitors…like Mr. Bowen.
  3. Lying in deep holes…which he dug throughout my garden.
I recommend #1 and #2.  Choosing #3 results in a sudsy bath in the cold sprinkler!

Below is a video of one of Milo’s holes.   That was a huge hole for one small stick!  Enjoy the next few days of more normal West Michigan temperatures and sunshine!

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Be There! Tuesday Morning Library!

Tomorrow is June 26 — our 3rd summer library day at Georgetown.  Between 10 am and 12 pm, come in to check out books for summer reading.

Who will be there to help you check out your books:  Mrs. Walenta, Mrs. McIntire, Mrs. Persch, Mrs. Bast, Miss Taber, Mrs. Reagan and MILO.  (Apologies for Milo not appearing last week.  Mrs. Reagan was down with a stomach virus.  We will both be there tomorrow).

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Need some summer reading material?

If you do, be sure to stop by the library tomorrow morning from 10-12 pm.  The library will be open seven Tuesdays this summer.  Mrs. Bast and Mrs. McIntire will be welcoming you to the library tomorrow.  I had originally planned to be there with Milo but I will be sitting with my sweet dad who is in the hospital.  I am hope to see you next Tuesday!

Mrs. Reagan

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have been read this year by all of our students combined.  Thirteen of our students read 1,000,000 words each this year.  They are Hannah Applebee, August VanDam, Nathan Conkel, Masen Kuieck, Reese Pell, Quinn Baar, Chloe Patrick, Annabel Owen, Ryan Mahoney, Skyler VanAntwerp, Luke Ellermets, Anna Haseley, Ashlee VanAntwerp

Jacob Bouma read 2,000,000 words and Matthew Lawrence read 3,000,000 words.  All 15 of these students are officially MILLION WORD CLUB MEMBERS.  Each received a certificate and a MILLION WORD SHIRT.

It is important to note that Matthew and Ryan have read at least one million words per year since 2009; August, Olivia and Chloe have been members since 2010.  I really believe that words are like air for them:  They need them to LIVE!

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Team Spencer Shines


It was a sea of orange all over Georgetown on Friday.  In honor of Spencer, we sported Team Spencer shirts, shaved heads and walked.  Many of our staff and students raised money for the Georgetown FUN RUN.

Five staff members (Mr. Rob, Mr. Gort, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Bialochowski and Mr. Kooiker) promised to have their heads shaved if 100 students participated in the run.  We reached that goal and the school itself raised over $5,000 to help the Meyer family cover medical expenses.  In addition, several of our students shaved their heads to support Spencer in his fight against cancer.

The Shaving Begins
Bald and Proud

News 3 was on hand to cover the event.  You can watch it here:  Georgetown supports TEAM SPENCER    There are two more events ahead, the May 9 5th/3rd Fun Run and the May 12 Riverbank Run.  Michele Sytsma, a Georgetown parent, is organizing both events.


One of my favorite sites of the day was  watching Spencer’s class participate.  Check out this line of orange kindergarteners walking for their buddy, Spence!

Spencer's Friends
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