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Perfect Day for a POOL PARTY

Today was the day that seven students left school to play in the pool at the principal’s house!  These seven students were the top winners for our 2014 PTC SPONSORED WALKATHON.  They waited patiently through an extra long winter to earn this day and it was worth every minute of the waiting.

Once we arrived to the pool, we lathered up with sunscreen, ate a healthy lunch of JET’s PIZZA  and SUBWAY and then we SWAM and SPLASHED.  This was followed by a cookie break (in the pool of course) which was followed by more swimming, jumping and diving.  This wore us out, so we needed an ice cream break — and yes, we ate our ice cream in the pool.

We arrived back to school shortly before the dismissal bus rang feeling refreshed and sun kissed after our day at the pool.

Thank you to Lauren Burgess (2x winner), Jackson Burgess, Sheyla Plummer (5x winner), Ava Burlison (2x winner) Leah Burlison, Bryce Counts and Isabelle Swiercz.  Many thanks to our PTC for sponsoring yet another great event!

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Walkathon Pool Party 2012

The top money earners from our fall Walkathon skipped school on Thursday to swim in my pool!  It was a fabulous day of cannon ball jumps, squirt gun fights, relay races and much more.

We ate lunch and had ice cream and popsicles–all pool side.  The hot sun made  for big time splashing!  Many thanks to our PTC for organizing the WALKATHON and making events such as this possible.

Enjoy this slideshow!  Maybe you’ll be a winner next year!


Mrs. Reagan

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Pool Party at the PRINCIPAL’s HOUSE!

pool party 2011

In early September, we held a Walk-a-thon to raise money for Parent Club events in our school.  The top money earners won a pool party with me…at my pool!  We took advantage of one of the few warm days so far this spring and left 580 students at school to learn so we could splash in my pool all afternoon!

As you will see from our slide show, the children wasted no time getting in the pool!  I had to drag them out to eat subs, cheetohs, pretzels, and watermelon (washed down with pop and lemonade).  This was followed with a great water fight, diving tricks and more.

On the way back to school, we stopped at Captain Sundaes for a perfect end of the afternoon treat and headed back to school just in time for the busses to take us home.  Enjoy these photos…and many thanks to Sheyla (two time winner), Will, Emma, Jayda and Keegan for all you did to raise money for our great school.  And…our sweet Kiara was sick today and couldn’t make the party.  We saved some water for you to splash around in when you are feeling better Kiara!

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Drum Roll, Please!

WalkersOur 2010 Walk-a-thon was an unbelievable success with great participation, fantastic fund raising and incredible weather.  I want to extend a warm thank you to all of the parents, students and teachers who participated (by donating money and time) and for supporting all of our PTC events.

The event was organized by Mr. and Mrs. Royse with support from a group of volunteers as well as our PTC Board Members.

The winners were selected today…with an announcement as well as calls to parents to have the big prizes picked up at school.

The winners are as follows:

  • Maria Maldonado/5th Gr-Burmeister  – Gold Card
  • Kendall Frederick/K Bohl – Gold Card
  • Andrew Snowdon/2nd Kuieck – Great Wolf Lodge Package
  • Makenna Overweg/2nd Kuieck – Wii


  • Jayda Kerns/K Estefan
  • Kiera Marz/1st Woodring
  • Sheyla Plummer/2nd Quigley
  • Emma Vanderwall/K Estefan
  • Will Haverkamp/4th Bowen
  • Keegan DeGoede/2nd Quigley

We will have the pool party on a warm sunny day in late May orSCORE!Early June.   Last year, we ate lunch and swam all afternoon while everyone else worked at school!  As the warm weather draws near, I will get in touch with parents and share all the details of the event.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for making this such a fabulous event.

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Pool Party with the Principal!


In early September, we held a Walk-a-thon to raise money for Parent Club events in our school.  The top five money earners won a pool party with me…at my pool!  We took advantage of the summer like weather and played at my pool today.  We ate subs, drank sprite, sprayed each other with water, and laughed nearly the entire time.  Enjoy these photos…and many thanks to Tom, Sheyla, Madison, Paige and Brooklyn for all you did to raise money for our great school.

PS:  I asked them if they thought the top prize next year should be pool party at the principal’s again and they all said, “YES!”  So good luck to all you for next year.