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Mr. Gort…the bowling King!

If you want to check out a video of Mr. Gort and his class of 4th grade bowlers, check out the PE Blog or Mr. Gort’s Class Blog.  Mr. Gort’s class brought in the most food donations for the PE Cares program this year. 

A very cool bowling game has also been posted to our sister school blog site, BLOGPALS.  If you like computer games, check this one out!

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Girls on the Run – 2009

We have been fortunate for the past two years to host a chapter of the National Girls on the Run Program at Georgetown Elementary.  Registration for this program is going on now.  This program is available to girls in grades 3-5, with practices beginning in February, and a 5K race on May 16.

If you have a daughter that is interested in participating, please complete this registration:girlsontheruninfo

If you are interested in coaching, please view this document, GotRCoaches

Our school is also in need of a laison, a person that would help recruit coaches, match coaches to runners, and coordinate practices for the season.  This person can also be a coach, but this is not required.  It can be someone who simply loves the “organizational/administrative” side of volunteering.  If you are interested in being a laison, let me know by email ( or phone (797-9797).  I will pass along the contact for this program.

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Indoor Recess Policy

BRRRRR! As we look out the window and see the snow BLOWING across the playground fields, it is hard to believe that it was 50 degrees just 12 hours ago!

We wanted all parents to be aware that when the wind chill is zero or below, we keep the children indoors for recess. Please make sure that you send your child to school with boots, mittens/gloves, hats, snowpants, etc. Remember, use me (the principal mom) for leverage if your child doesn’t want to wear these clothing items to school. It is freezing cold on our playground!

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I have embedded our school google calendar with all dates including:  School Educational Events, Field Trips, PTC events.  The months of December and January are completed.  All events will be available through May in the next week.  I am hopeful that this calendar will make it easier for you to search for upcoming events.

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Weekly Events: 12/15/08

It is our 16th week of school, and the final week of school before our holiday vacation.  Our agenda of the weeks events are as follows:

Mon 12/15  Day 2:  Play to Learn in the MPR at 9:15

Tues 12/16  Day 3:  Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm

Wed 12/17  Day 1:  MW PK/K Holiday Parties

Thurs  12/18 Day 2

Fri  12/19 Day 3:  TTH K; All School Holiday Parties

Upcoming Dates/Events

  • Jan 1  Happy 2009!
  • 5 Welcome Back!
  • 9 Playworld ECSE
  • 22 Blog Training for 4/5 Students Begins (Computer Lab, 3:50 pm)
  • 30 Sleigh Ride:  ECSE

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At-Home Reading

Our team of specialist teachers (Mrs. Bast, Reading; Mrs. Iwema, Reading, Mrs. Speidel, Speech/Language, Mrs. Sinke, Resource, and Mrs. Reifschneider, Resource), have set up a wonderful at-home reading program for your children to utilize.  The program, call Raz-Kids is an interactive reading program that allows children to pick books by their guided reading level.  

Once you login, you go to the BOOKROOM where your child can pick a book by guided reading level.  Books can be read to the child (listen) or the child can read the book and get help with tricky words–when these words are clicked on the word is read to them! At the end of each book, children can take a quiz to check their comprehension.  We are hopeful that this site helps to make at home reading more interesting and interactive.

If you are unsure of the reading level, please check with your child’s teacher.  This site is designed for all levels of readers–on grade, struggling and advanced.

Your child’s teacher will send you the user name and password via email.  You will be logging in as a teacher because we do not have individual student accounts at this time.  This will be done based on your feedback of the site.

Please provide feedback on this site by submitting comments to our blog.

Mrs. Reagan


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We made the Taiwan News!

Joan Jang, a student from Taiwan who attends Purdue University, shared through email that we had made the news in Taiwan!  Mrs. Yu Wen, the principal of our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary, was interviewed about our partnership.  The photo in both articles shows her holding our student artwork (a gift from Georgetown to Raey Guang) that was presented during her visit to our school in October 2008.

Both articles cite our blogs–the one you are viewing right now and our blogs set up for FAMILY BLOGGERS (matching families from each school to communicate with one another) and SCHOOLS THAT BLOG TOGETHER (blog communication between the students/teachers of both schools).  The articles (below), are in Chinese and English.  I wanted you to be able to see both versions–and appreciate the beauty of the written Mandarin language.  Please be aware that the English translation is close…but not exactly true to the elegance of the Chinese language.  The message of collaboration and appreciation of both countries and cultures is strong and clear in both languages.  Enjoy!  Mrs. Reagan

Taiwan Yahoo! News:Chinese

Taiwan Yahoo! News:  English 

Liberty Times:Chinese

Liberty Times: English