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Baby Jabaay Has Arrived!

Landen Cade Jabaay

On April 24, Mrs. Jabaay delivered a beautiful baby boy, Landen Cade.  Mrs. Jabaay is doing well and Landen’s two older brothers were very excited to welcome their baby brother.

Landen is the fourth staff baby to arrive this year!  We are all anxiously waiting to hear when Mrs. Woodring and her husband are assigned a travel date to pick up their adopted son, Oliver.

To see photos of our other beautiful babies, follow these links:  Liam, Evelyn and William Jon.

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Mallory, The Masterful Boat Driver

Mallory, one of Mrs. Jabaay’s kindergarteners, is not only a great friend and top notch learner, she is also a masterful boat driver.

Check out this photo of Mallory driving a boat at Michigan Adventure!  This is just one of the activities she has done to stay cool and have fun on her summer vacation.


I would love to share your photos and story on the blog.  When you get a moment, send them to me so I can create a post all about you.

Mrs. Reagan


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Two More Blogs…Ready to Go!

Today we launch two additional teacher blogs, Mrs. Jabaay (grade K) and Mr. Bialochowski (grade 3).  You can visit their blogs by visiting the sidebar collection of class blogs to the left or by clicking on their names within this post.  These two teachers are new to our staff for the upcoming school year.

If your child is in one of these teacher’s classrooms, go to the blog and subscribe by typing in your email address.  Each time the blog is updated, you will receive and email alert.

I hope your summer continues to go well!  Mrs. Reagan

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Drum Roll, Please!

I am very excited to announce to you that our staff hiring is complete!  As I mentioned in aDrum roll blog posting on June 16,  some of our staff members took open positions in other buildings.  This created openings, allowing for movement within our building—and when all was said and done, we had six positions to fill for the coming school year.

On  July 1st, I posted a blog article announcing  four positions had been filled  as follows:  Miss Taber-1st Grade, Mrs. Wert, Resource Room, Mr. Kooiker-4th grade and Mr. Bialochowski -3rd grade, were joining our team.

With the help of several teachers from our building, we found three additional outstanding teachers to help us carry on our important mission of BE NICE • WORK HARD • LEARN WELL. They are each from neighboring districts and are as follows:

Mrs. Mandy Boes will be teaching pre-kindergarten (PK).   Mrs. Boes comes to us from Fruitport and has experience with PK and K children.  Mrs. Boes has a daughter Lucy who will be helping her set up the classroom —or maybe taking down what her momma has already put up!

Mrs. Lisa Jabaay will be teaching kindergarten.   Mrs. Jabaay comes to us from Kellogsville with experience in K and first grades.  She has two young children at home–and they may be seen helping set up their momma’s classroom.

Mr. Toby Jurewicz will be teaching 1st Grade.  He will join Miss Taber, Mrs. Woodring and Mrs. Stadt as the first grade team.   Mr. Jurewicz comes to us from Comstock Park where his wife is a kindergarten teacher.  I am sure that you will see both of them at school setting up his classroom!

All of our new teachers are busy setting up class blogs and getting acquainted with the school and their colleagues.  As soon as they have their blogs set up, an email alert will go out.

Thank you for your patience while we worked extra hard to find the just right teachers for our wonderful school!

Mrs. Reagan