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In three days…

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we begin our week long celebration of writing at Georgetown!  Each classroom has a designated open house time and these are listed below.  These are also on the school calendar!


Many parents ordered JUST WRITE t-shirts for their children.  We have a stock of shirts in the office if you are still interested in placing an order.  They are $15 each.  Simply print this order form (Order Form 2011) and send cash or check to school with your child.  (Make checks out to Georgetown Elementary.)  We will send the shirt home the same day.

Mrs. Woodring’s first graders are incredibly techno-brilliant.  They created this wonderful video with their ipod touches which serves as a digital invitation for all you to attend our celebration next week.  Enjoy!

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Week 33: May 9-13, 2010

I hope everyone was able to take some time today to honor all  mother’s in your life!  It certainly was a beautiful day to be outside.  The spring weather is long overdue.

We will be hosting GEORGETOWN’s CARNIVAL on Friday of this week.  This event will be held after school on Friday and I hope that you can attend.  Susie Coxen, Stacey Alexander and many others have worked hard to organize an event that will be fun for families and friends.

The staff at Georgetown will be busily preparing for JUST WRITE…a celebration of our year long work in writing.  This event will be held daily next week–with each grade showcasing their stories on different days.  Be sure to check your child’s class blog for details.  We would love to have you stop by and read our work.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Reagan

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We are busily preparing for our big writing celebration at Georgetown.  The celebration will take place the week of May 16 through 20.

Each class will have a special day to showcase their writing.  Specific days for each grade will be coming to you soon.

Many children like to wear our special JUST WRITE shirt for this celebration.  If you would like to get one for your child, the cost is $15.00.  An order form can be printed off and sent in from the blog (link below).  One will also come home in Friday’s classroom mail.

Note:  On the order form, it states that the shirt order is due on April 29.  It is actually due on May 5.

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Mrs. Reagan

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Where did the year go?

I know that I sound melancholy when I say this, but how did this year slip by so quickly?  I can’t believe that I am posting our  Week 38 weekly update–when Week 1 seems not that long ago!

This has been an amazing year…one worth celebrating for so many reasons.  We have MEAP scores to be so very proud of (great work students and teachers), a school grade given by the state that is top notch (can’t share what this is yet—but it is great), two students who received awards for their art work at the 40th International World School Art Exhibition in China, one student art piece selected as the state holiday greeting card, many school/family events sponsored by our Parent Club, the best ever JUST WRITE Celebration, a once in a lifetime meeting with our pen pals from Raey Guang School from Pingtung, Taiwan, and so much more.  A review of our blog will quickly remind you of all that we have to be proud of as a school that learns and grows together daily.

Thank you, parents,  for all you have done to support your child’s learning (social, emotional and academic) at Georgetown this year.  We, as a school, would not be who we are without your support through parent club, classroom volunteerism and the critical day to day support of your child’s learning from home and at school.  You and your children have made this year one of our best!

I will update the blog weekly throughout the summer with news about the upcoming school year (2010-11).  Also, remember that our library will be open each Wednesday from 10-12 noon.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for your child to check out books for summer reading.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!  Mrs. Reagan

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The week ahead…June 1-4, 2010

I simply cannot believe today is the final day of May…and tomorrow begins the month of June.  How have all these school days flown by so quickly?

I hope that everyone has had a relaxing and fun Memorial Weekend.  This morning, when the sun was School Flagshining, I took a photo of our flags in honor of Memorial Day.  These flags are cared for by Mr. Rob Thurkettle, our wonderful custodian.

For those of you who visited our school last week to celebrate the writing and AUTHORs of these pieces, many thanks!  We also said farewell to our Liverpool visitors on Friday, and this week we welcome our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary. The students and staff arrive on Thursday.  We are looking forward to their arrival and time to learn together.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities that will take place.  Visit your child’s class blog for more specific information.

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Mrs. Reagan

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Just Write Celebration was Just Perfect

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our writing with us last week!  We had visitors from all places–near and far—and visitors who were special to us in many ways (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins, friends, teachers, principals, board members and administrators).

Our stories (students and staff) were published on posters, lockers, in classrooms and in published books via  If you did not get a chance to visit last week, please stop by this week.  The posters will remain up through June 7 when the writers will bring them home!

The slide show below highlights some of the events that took place.  We concluded the week with our traditional JUST WRITE PERFORMANCES.  Each grade level team (PK-5) selected a story worth performing.  This year we also had a new category…the specialists (art, music and pe) who selected a story that lent itself to the specials. These stories were video recorded and can be found on the JUST WRITE tab above.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved performing them for the students.

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Counting Down our Final Days: 14

As we enter week 38 of school, we are feeling the days fly by.  This is a very big week for us–a week that celebrates all of the hard work we have put forth in reading and writing school wide. When you enter the building, you will see our stories on the walls, doorways, lockers, windows and display cases.   Huge thanks to the team of six parents who posted almost 200 posters for us Friday afternoon.   I want to also thank Scott Cheyne and his team at Engineering Supply for providing us with unbelievably great service and pricing for the posters.

DSC05922 DSC05924

All times and days for grade level celebrations are listed on the calendar below.  Please remember that you can download a copy of your child’s class book of writing on  The books are also available for purchase — and these are delivered right to your home.

british flagThis week we also welcome six Hope Liverpool University student teachers to our building.  Watch the blog for updates throughout the week.

And, remember to stay up to date on all upcoming events by following your child’s classroom blog.  These days will go by so quickly…and we want to make sure you are informed of all the events ahead.

Have a great week!   Stay cool…and enjoy the taste of summer weather that is ahead for us.

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We have something to say….JUST WRITE!

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If you haven’t heard, one of the most important all school celebrations is fast approaching.  The week of May 24-28 is our opportunity to honor 600 writers–students in grades PK-5, teachers and the principal.   This will be our fourth annual celebration.

The week is organized into classroom celebrations which include a reading of their stories, tour of posted poster stories displayed throughout the building, and a scavenger hunt.  Parents and special guests are invited to attend these events.  Each teacher will be posting their celebration/tour time on their classroom blogs.


In addition to the tours of student writing pieces (displayed on lockers) and specially selected poster stories on display throughout the hallways, the rotunda will also be filled with published classroom anthologies.  During the past two years, writers select their best piece to be published through an online book site called  Please take time to see our publications in the rotunda.   We will be sure to send you the link to our published stories once we have these on the lulu site.

We also have a tradition of wearing special designed Just Write T-Shirts on that day.  If you would like to purchase one for your child, you can download the order form and send this into the office.  Just Write T-Shirt Order Form We will accept orders through May 5.

If you would like to view a photo video from last years celebration, visit the MAY 2009 blog post.

We look forward to celebrating our writing work with you.

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Weekly Events, 1/11/2010

We are headed into our 18th week of school!   With the holidays behind us, the winter months provide ample time for us to build uninterrupted focused time on learning higher level skills in reading, math, writing, science and social studies.  As writers, we will use these months to select a piece to be revised and published for our spring JUST WRITE CELEBRATION (Week of May 24, 2010).   Keep your eyes and ears posted to our classroom blogs for details about other learning events that will be taking place.

Have a terrific week!

Events 1/11/

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I have something to say…


Many thanks to everyone who participated in this event!  Throughout the week, we had well over 1,000 family and friends tour the building to read our writing in books,  on lockers, and on the walls. In addition to writing tours, we hosted Shirley Neitzel, author of over 14 books for children. Our week ended with JUST WRITE SKITS–student writing performed by our Broadway bound staff! We have compiled a slide show that highlights all the activities of the past week. ENJOY…and remember this:

If you have something to say, JUST WRITE!

NOTE:  You can still purchase a copy of our  JUST WRITE story collections at our lulu storefront. You may also download a copy of for FREE.